Traits of Successful Lottery Gamblers

Successful Lottery Gamblers

For bookmakers, every customer is a good source of profit, because as you know, in the long term, 2% or even less of all players earn money in bookmakers. If you want to be among the lucky 2%, you will still need to apply some system or strategy, based on which you will make smart bets, manage your “bank” well and be a winner in the long run.

We can’t say anything that will 100% affect your result and you will suddenly become a professional bookmaker, but we can give you some pointers.

Many football fans think that they, after many years of watching football on TV or playing with friends or in amateur teams, are smart and experienced enough to be able to predict the game and win the totes. In fact, it is precisely these “wise men” who lose their bank after only a few bets, because they do not use any system or strategy, but make bets that they are “safe”.

To beat the sweepstakes, you will need the following character traits:

Betting discipline

Betting discipline

One of the most important points to beat the tote is discipline. If you make bets driven by anger, excitement, desire to play back, you will quickly end up in the “poor house”. It is almost impossible to win in the long run without proper discipline. You cannot be a professional without discipline!

Often bets are made on games where you think your favorite team will definitely win, so you put more money on this bet. Especially if the odds are attractive. You definitely shouldn’t do that, because you can’t know anything in sports. If the game ends 0-0, who will be more upset, the disciplined bettor or the one who put all their money on the bet?



If you lose a game, analyze why it happened and draw conclusions. If you want to beat the bookmakers, then you need to analyze and be careful with your bets.

Betting by “feelings” is the biggest mistake beginners make. They always have the feeling that they know how the match will end, that the opponents’ attackers will be hopeless, that their favorite team, however, convincingly won the previous game and will win again today, whether one of the players has put on the lucky socks. Whatever the reason for this belief, it won’t work in the long run. Even if these bets are placed at bookmakers with the highest odds, in the long run, you will not be able to make money with such a move

Bookmakers spend millions to pay the salaries of the best statistical analysts to analyze every game. It is clear that the average betting player cannot compete with these resources, but using the Internet and following the statistical data available there will help you get a clearer opinion about the game in question.

There are several services and portals that offer useful statistics on all the world’s leading football leagues. It would be very wise to get over your self-proclaimed football expert status and start using one of these services like GoalProfits or WhoScored. As well as should use some football betting strategy.

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